Monday, 24 April 2017

Day 5 of the longest poem in the worl

HAVE LOVED TOO LITTLE I have loved Too Little I have Sworn To this Heart A Pirate to Be Sailing The Waters Without Give I Have Let Down My Net At Nature’s Will Dawn Or Twilight When She Deems It Fit Never To Stop For A rocky tide Or Save that Drowning child I Have sired This Sail For Long A Survivor Amongst Clueless Casualties Oh How I revered in Their Fall I Mocked And Laughed For They, Drawn To Land Anchored In Her Fickle Breast Till Poseidon Voice They Hear No More I Have Sailed Through Derided their Weakness Mocked Their meekness Till their Faces Reddened in Shame But Here I stand My Conquest Not A few But They echo In My Empty Sail A Masterpiece Spanning Long Expanse Of Loneliness Antique Walls Wailing In Distraught For I have Loved Too Little My Heart I gave To None My Soul I traded For Naught And Here I stand A Forgotten Hero Lonely And Void

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Colosseum

Yeah I know what you are thinking What is the Colosseum all about? That's right, Y'all need to know... But I ain't telling, at least not yet. All I got is this: If you are an instrumentalist, then in a few weeks your life can be transformed for good It all goes down at the Colosseum. Blood, sweat, sand, victory, defeat and excitement. The Colosseum... Loading...

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Birthday blues

Once in the earth's revolution It becomes imperative To remember that first war Raged in the navel of the soul A travail of faith and destiny

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Day 4 of the longest poem in the world

A DAY IN MY THOUGHT I Woke Up Deep In Thought I Saw Poetry in Dirty Sheets I Philosophized The Mystery Of time My mind danced a Weird Rhythm I Crossed My Legs And opened my Heart Until I Saw the Strange Light That Illuminated Ancient Minds A Distant Bright Call A Careful And Unseen Portal A realm of Collosal Thoughts I Wandered Thro Mental Wood Seeing My Dead Dreams By The Roadside Diagnosed Of Folly Insouciance and incertitude I Should Cry Now I thought But my Eyes Are Dry The Revelation Was bliss My Strength in A new Sight I Dared Again This Time Without The deformed Stick For I could Now Tell The Path And That Alone Was Victory Beyond Words

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The perfect time to break forth in your passion

Have you ever heard this phrase:  my time will come.

Definitely right?

We hear it every day: by our parents, friends, pastors, competitors  and people around us.

The point is, everyone believes in a fabled time when every thing will fall in place.

No one believes in this more than the artiste and in this case I am referring to writers and musicians.

But when is that time?

Is it a moment crafted in God's divine clock for all?

Or a perfect juxtaposition of time and place?

Everyone has an opinion on this fabled moment of discovery and recovery but none seems to take into consideration: the action of the seeker.

The truth is: I have come to discover is that: the perfect time in the life of an artist to springforth, is when he realises that he doesn't need the opinion of others to believe in himself. All he needs, is a sense of true passion and love for his craft and success becomes inevitable.

So whether you are a poet or a singer, a writer or a dancer, remember this: you only become an assured success when you learn to believe in yourself first before others.

Remember this as you sail in life's ocean and success will be inevitable.

Always a pleasure.